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1. Legal documents

1.1. International documents on human rights, which are important in the sphere of journalism

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

European Convention on Human Rights

Resolution 1003 (1993) on the ethics of journalism_Parliamentary Assembly_Council of Europe

Joint declaration on the protection of freedom of expression and diversity in the digital terrestial transition_The United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Representative on Freedom of the Media, the Organization of American States (OAS) Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information
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1.2. The principles and codes of ethics for journalists in different countries and communities
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Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists adopted by the International Federation of Journalists
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Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics
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ASNE Statement of Principles

Principles for Ethical Journalism_Canadian Association of Journalists
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Belgian Press Council_ Code Of Ethics

1.3. Court decisions and legal positions in journalism

Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights
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2. Useful articles*

2.1. Freedom of expression and speech, freedom of information and other human rights

Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment_by_Kathleen Ann Ruane
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Freedom of Information: A Comparative Legal Survey_by Toby Mendel
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Freedom of Expression on the Internet _ by William Fisher

Human Rights Without Foundations_by Joseph Raz
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The Public's Right to Know_Principles on Freedom of Information Legislation_ARTICLE 19
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2.2.  Ethical Journalism

Ethical Journalism and Human Rights_Issue Paper commissioned and published by Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
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2.3. Copyright

Compilation Copyright: A Matter Calling for 'a Certain...Sobriety'_by Justine Pila

Copyright and Comics in Japan: Does Law Explain Why All the Cartoons My Kid Watches Are Japanese Imports?_ by Salil K. Mehra
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Copyright in Cyberspace_by Ulf Maunsbach
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Copyright Infringement, ‘Free-Riding’, and the Lifeworld_by Anne Barron
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The Trust and Distrust of Intellectual Property Rights_by Peter K. Yu
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2.4. Digital media

Information Problems in Information Society_by Antonín Rosický
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Graduated Response Policy and the Behavior of Digital Pirates: Evidence from the French Three-strike (Hadopi) Law_by Michael Arnoldy, Eric Darmonz, Sylvain Dejeanx and Thierry Penard
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Information society and the digital divide problem in developing countries_by Chrisanthi Avgerou and Shirin Madon
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Will Social Media Use Reduce Relative Deprivation? Systematic Analysis of Social Capital’s Mediating Effects of Connecting Social Media Use with Relative Deprivation_by Jaehee Cho
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2.5. Privacy

An End to Privacy Theater: Exposing and Discouraging Corporate Disclosure of User Data to the Government_by Christopher Soghoian
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Broken Promises of Privacy:  Responding to the Surprising Failure of Anonymization_by  Paul Ohm
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Privacy: Back to the Roots_by J.C. Buitelaar
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Privacy, Data Protection, and the Unprecedented Challenges of Ambient Intelligence_by Antoinette Rouvroy
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*All materials are based on open sources

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